What are the Jaycees?

Simply put we are the premier leadership training organization for individuals ages 21-41.

Since 1939 the El Dorado Jaycees and its members have been serving our community. Raising dollars throughout those years and put it back into the community. Jaycees have worked with other charitable organizations and even started a few new charities. We started as the young business persons committee of the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce.

We also teach our members how to become better people through numerous training opportunities including our Individual Development competitions like Write-up and Speak-up where members are encouraged to develop their thoughts and express them in either writing or the spoken word.

There is also an incredible networking opportunity, not just nationally but also globally as Jaycees are not only members of their local chapter and state organization, but also a part of the United States Junior Chamber and Junior Chamber International. All members are afforded the opportunity to participate in all meetings of the Jaycee movement where talented professionals spend time to train on the finer points of such subjects a time management, dealing with conflict, being an effective leader, sell anything including yourself or you organization; and much much more.

We are affiliated with the Arkansas Junior Chamber, the United States Junior Chamber, and Junior Chamber International.

A popular question is why use to names:  Junior Chamber and Jaycees?  The notation for Junior Chamber is JC and to shorten the name of the group many members began saying they were JC’s which evolved into what we now use, Jaycees.