MLB Pitch, Hit, & Run

Pitch: Throwing a baseball at a designated “Strike Zone” 45 feet away.

Hit: Hitting a baseball from a stationary tee, as close as possible to the “center line” (directly away from home plate across second base into center field). Final score is determined from the location the ball initially lands, minus the distance from the “center line.”

Run: Measuring a competitors speed in a sprint from between second and third base, around third, and across home plate. Sliding is not allowed, and both third base and home must be touched (160 feet total).

The El Dorado Jaycees will be hosting the 2011 Pitch, Hit, and Run, sponsored by MLB, on March, 27th at the Boys’ and Girls’ Club of El Dorado’s B-League Field. It is scheduled to begin at 2 PM and conclude around 4 PM. This event will provide our local children the opportunity to participate, free of charge, in an exciting baseball skills competition. This event gives boys and girls, ages 7 to 14, the chance to showcase their pitching, hitting, and running abilities. Age is determined as of July 17, 2011.

In order to participate, all entrants must provide a copy of a valid birth certificate for age verification. Also, all participants must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to complete a registration/waiver form prior to the start of the competition. Participants are only allowed to compete in one local competition. No metal spikes are allowed.

Girls and boys will compete and be rewarded in separate softball and baseball divisions. Age divisions will be broken down by the following: 7 and 8 year old division, 9 and 10 year old division, 11 and 12 year old division, and 13 and 14 year old division. Scores will be determined by distance, with accuracy being deducted from it.

The Aquafina Pitch, Hit, and Run is a national program that includes four levels of competition – Local, Sectional, Team Championships, and National Finals. Winners of the respected competitions will advance to the next level. Sectional competitions will be held in May; Team Championships will be hosted at the 30 Major League Baseball parks throughout weekends in June; and Finalists will compete for the National Championship during the 2011 MLB All-Star Week.

The participants that advance to the sectional competition in each age group are the All-Around Champion, the Pitching Champion, the Hitting Champion, and the Running Competition. Any competitors who tie for 1st place will advance to the next level. For additional information please visit for more details.

Local competition contacts:    Greg Harrison at (870) 314-1183 or
                                                              Alex Hale at (870) 866-3534 or